Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Blizzards Freeze the Gizzard

So I decide to amuse myself by taking more photos. All the midget members of my family (animal and human) seemed to have it in for me today so I did what makes me happy. The photos above were taken an hour after the photos in the previous post.

The next set (posted below) were taken about an hour to an hour and a half later between 6 and 6:30 when we went to pick Tim up from work.

The last set (seen below) were taken at eight. The snow is still coming down now at nearly 11. We probably have had about 6-8" but the accumulation looks like less because the temperature is right at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and so this stuff is melting fast.

Our weather has been weird. Last week we got a fair amount of snow and so the girls got to go sledding again on Saturday. On Sunday it started raining and we had it freezing as icicles on the trees. It was almost all melted when this hit us. Our spring has been unusually cold - well below our average. Of course last year we were breaking heat records so we need to have this cold weather or we wouldn't have an average at all. ;)

Who knows - maybe the girls will get to go sledding again on Saturday.


  1. In Chicagoland, we were breaking single day rainfall totals. Localized flooding, like the intersection with another street two houses down from me, the intersection a block east and a dip in the road 2 blocks NE of me, plus the street just west of the office parking lot entrance meant my 7 minute drive to the office took 25. Sewage back-ups (not me thankfully), power outages and the general "can't get there from here" of road closures made Thursday morning such a headache.

    Then, I look at your photos and I think, "You know, maybe snow would have been better, even if it was 8-10 inches." I think that while the commute to get to work would have still been a chore, there is a concreteness to snow that there isn't with rain. I can put 10 inches of snow in a pile. I can't put inches of rain anywhere and water finds its own path. That much water makes a path, usually where we don't want it.

    Plus, the photos I could have taken of my hyacinths in the snow would have been outstanding. They look a little beaten down from the heavy rain.

    You take wonderful photos. This is quite a record of Mother Nature's capriciousness.

  2. All you can do is "go with the flow"! The photos look pretty!

  3. I can't believe those April storm photos! wow!