Monday, January 14, 2013

face like Mom - body like Dad

In the photo above, you can see me (photo right), Tim, and my best friend from college. It was my first (unofficial) date with Tim. We went to see Dances with Wolves but it was sold out so we returned to our dorm rooms and watched Young Guns II.

C has his body; especially, his legs (they are the same shape - it is kind of weird).

But she has my face - sometimes more than others.

Like her Dad she grows up way more than she grows wide (at least he used to be that way). So when I made her a robe, I borrowed a Size 8 pattern from my Mom and adjusted the length, arm length, and made the armhole just a bit deeper for my size 12 daughter and it works just fine.

I finally tried something I've meant to do for a long time. Rather than cutting the tissue paper pattern. I traced the pattern onto freezer paper. Then I ironed the freezer paper to the fabric and cut it out. Then I removed the freezer paper. According to The Train to Crazy, where I found the idea, you can reuse the freezer paper pattern many, many times. It is slick and I was able to cut the pieces out much more neatly. I think I will be doing this frequently with patterns I anticipate re-using.

Stash Bust

  • Borrowed Pattern
  • Fabric (fleece from some curtains that used to hang in K's room - I thought fleece would work to block the light better)

  • Thread


  1. Wow, the similarities are incredible! I love the robe!! It is beautiful. She is such a beautiful girl.

  2. Well done! The robe is perfect, and so cozy! And I love this photo retrospective, there are so many similarities and dominant genes in the photo essay, it is so striking. I am not sure about the States, but robes for children are definitely an item that is certainly worth sewing as there are, like night gowns, very few commercial options.
    Ps Freezer paper is difficult to fine in these parts, but I want to try that technique and it is on my shopping list when I am in the States next month .

  3. You guys look strikingly alike. It's pretty cool to see all those versions of you, and I especially love the first photo with the similar sweaters. How sweet is that!

  4. Such cuties - both of you. I love the robe, what a great repurpose for that curtain.

  5. This is one of the most awesome make-overs that I have ever seen! The fleece is so cute! The photos are adorable of both of I the only one who sees a resemblance to Jennifer Gray (a la dirty dancing days) in the last photo?

  6. Beautifully done...and what fun to see more photos of you. Isn't it amazing what our children inherit from their parents?

  7. Once again.. lovely, and free! I love seeing 'Melissa through the years' and you're right. C is beautiful like her mom, long and lean like her dad (not to say that Tim isn't beautiful.. :) and obvioulsy studious judging by that last photo. Look out world!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. You two and Tim (loved seeing the old photo) are such cuties! Enjoyed seeing the growth between each photo. You can tell she is yours.
    Love the ladybugs!!

  9. Love love love the pictures!!!