Saturday, December 22, 2012

you have no notion what your friendship means to me

Can you imagine me smiling and feeling immensely clever? I am!

This was a present for my dear friend D.E. who loves all forms of sewing - especially quilting. Most of the spools came from the pile of notions my MIL sent me last November/December.

I think that now is the time to share my big audacious goal for next year. I want to craft down my rather overwhelming stash. I want to limit my purchases to consumables (such as adhesives and thread) or stuff that I can't hack when I am trying to finish a project.

In addition to that goal, I have two secondary goals - I want to craft more snowmen for my MIL (I've toyed with numbers but not sure I will share my goal) and I would like to craft 100 trees to put up by the mirrors in my kitchen. I will need to photograph the mirrors for you again. I love the new arrangement it is my favorite yet and the nutcrackers look great up there right now (I actually took all the mirrors down and cleaned them and vacuumed above the cabinets before I allowed myself to get the nutcrackers out for Christmas). 

I will try to keep myself accountable by sharing what was purchased and what was from the stash. In this case, I did buy a 98 cent heart shape at Walmart - but the rest was from the stash. I can't wait to show you the stash buster I made yesterday. It didn't take a lot of stash but I love the results!!


  1. Yeah for stash reduction! I feel the same way! I will enjoy following your progress and excited to see your upcoming projects. The spool heart is lovely.

  2. You make such clever and beautiful things.

  3. Love the heart, perfect for Valentines Day ;) yes, I'm already done crafting for Christmas. now onto Valentines! Destash my stash is also a goal I have!! Hopefully I'll get some inspiration from you ♥

    Re. Christmas lights. I think that has a lot to do with it, no one has any extra money. We have no outside lights this year and rarely turn on the tree lights. We sit in the dark at night to watch TV. Electric bills don't need to go any higher than they already are. Gas either...we're not using our heater this year. Choosing to bundle up instead. Just trying to make ends meet is a challenge these days. I think being frugal is the new trend, for lack of a better word. Like they used to say: Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.
    In case I don't talk to you again....Wishing you and yours a wonderfully Merry Christmas!
    It sure it coming up fast!!

  4. Very creative heart! I'm definitely trying to bust my very large stash!

  5. I salute you in your quest to bust thy stash. And the heart is so beautiful, what a cool vintage creation!

  6. Sounds like a worthy goal this year! I wish you persistence and an added measure of creativity. :) Merry Christmas!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)