Tuesday, September 18, 2012

party at the park and a small treatise on photography

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Valley Fair, the local amusement park. We were able to go for free (there was even a meal provided) thanks to the incredible man you see below.

The incredible man is Tim's boss and a man who owns a small business. Dave is an incredible person who cares immensely for his employees and treats them well.

The incredible man is married to a remarkable woman. They are a blessing to our lives.

The woman hamming it up in the shot above is their oldest daughter Wendy. Wendy was a year behind me and attended the same college as Tim and I. Little did we know that someday, Tim would work for her Dad.

Dave's cousin is a funny man and works as a shop manager for the company. He talks with his hands and is always fun to photograph.

Dave's youngest son. His girls are great friends with our girls. When Tim started with Dave's company Evan was 16 and had hair. :)

We did buy a few drinks and one small pizza during the day. Here K gets a giant Icee. :)

As anyone who follows this blog for long soon realizes, I prefer black and white. I think that you can define what you are saying in a much more meaningful way in black and white when you aren't distracted by color. Sometimes I post images in color - because the image really is about color (such as certain flowers) or to show you something specific such as the fabric chosen for a dress. However, this shot is in color because the color makes the composition something beautiful. I don't typically find color beautiful in photography but here I do. :)

I am sorry, I've been nonexistent. School is going well but it is very busy. In addition, I've been trying to work up the shots from a fiftieth anniversary photo shoot. Here is a couple of candids of a grandchild that I really like.


  1. I've always preferred black and white too, I love the contrast of black and white, unfortunately I don't always have the time to go through and edit my pictures, lol. Plus I don't always like the pictures that my camera takes, ha ha. Great photos though, I love looking at your pictures, you are very talented! :)

  2. I love your black & white photos! What a fun way to spend a day. Even better knowing it was through the generosity of an obviously special man. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love seeing your photos, and the glimpses you share from your life. It's lovely to see the goodness and blessings you are grateful for.

  4. It sounds like Tim's boss is certainly one of a kind. I think you take such excellent photos that they look perfect either way.

  5. I love your b&w photos, you capture faces and the shades between so well. The amusement ride in the 5th shot must have been fun for the girls. Tim's boss is a wonderful man , does he also organize the Mexico trip? I am glad you have crossed passed with such wonderful people.

  6. I think your photos are outstanding either way too. Your faces are so special. I wish I understood how you capture those... Likely a combination of natural talent and years of training. High time I started practicing eh?