Tuesday, September 25, 2012

haralsons, hikes, hawks, hair-dos, and hoar-frost

Last week was very, very, very busy. On Thursday, we met April, Kyler, the Twins, and Randy to go apple picking. Can you believe it? This is the sixth year in a row that we've met April at this orchard and picked apples. We've been doing it since before Kyler was born. The first few years, it was just us girls. The Kyler came a long and so did husbands. For a couple of years, my parents have joined us too. 

This year, the five of us went into the orchard while Randy watched the wee ones. I didn't get any pictures of the babies(I am so sorry - they are cute - they look just like their big brother and dad) but I did get to hold Bennett! :)

After apple picking, we went to the biggest candy store in Minnesota. The kids bought candy (okay, okay, I bought some Maple Sugar Candy - it is a Little House on the Prairie thing and I can't help myself) and we all had root beer. It was fun and I am glad we did it. 

On Friday, we met some homeschool friends and  went on a nature walk at the Coon Rapids Dam on the Mississippi River. Mostly, the kids ran on ahead and the adults walked along behind visiting.

On Saturday, we went to a Raptor Release. The University of Minnesota has a special branch of their veterinary department called the Raptor Center that rehabilitates injured birds. Before the girls were born, Tim and I used to go to releases and now we are going again. :) (A funny thing happens, whenever, we go somewhere; the girls find the books and start reading.)

This hawk is a red-tailed hawk. Which one? Both the one above and below. There are sixty different morphs in red-tailed hawks. 

Below is a peregrine falcon. 

The guy above is Nero. He is a 36-year-old turkey vulture. He was part of the program to figure out how to help rehabilitate California Condors. He imprinted on humans so he could not be released.  Vultures are ugly but they have tremendous personality.

We saw three releases: a broad winged hawk, a peregrine falcon, and this eagle. 

They had lots of make-and-takes for the kids. 

On Sunday, the girls had Crazy Hair night for Awanas. C sports a bird's nest similar to one that K had last year. K has a pack rat's nest. I have to confess, it was fun designing K's hair. 

On Sunday morning, we woke to the first frost of the season. 


  1. I LOVE the hairdos! The apple orchard and the raptor release look like so much fun! Your photos, as always, are superb!

  2. The hairdos are so cool, love the rat's nest one. What fun, I'm going to remember those ideas for the next silly-hair day my two have.

    We had our first frost on Saturday, but since then it's been rain, rain, rain.

  3. You packed a lot into your week & weekend! Thanks for letting us follow along through photos. :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. Oh my...the first frost already?! We're really cooling down at night here in NY, too. The girls' hairstyles are awesome! I am so glad to hear that the twins are doing well!

  5. My oldest daughter has been reading along...and loved your bird photos. What a fun week you've had! May I request some twin photos for next time? :)

  6. Oh, your girls are getting so big!!! I am going to show my daughter the photo of the falcon, that is her favourite bird. Such a great shot. I am curious whether the apple crop was good in your area. For the first year, there are no apples in Southern Ontario for picking. The conditions in the early spring devastated the crops. I love the bird's nest in your daughter's hair, I have always wanted to do that with my girls, but their hair is not long enough, beautiful photo!

  7. Loving the hair-do's! Too cute and funny! Enjoyed the pics. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Great pictures as always. How cool to see a falcon release!! Amazing. Love the Rat nest!! Too funny. Hope you are doing well.

  9. Love the birds!
    And as always, your beautiful girls.

  10. You guys lead such an active life, your girls are so lucky to have the experiences they have. You do the kinds of things I would love to do.

    The hair dos are awesome!! You're such a good mom!!
    Have a great day!

  11. You guys have been so busy!

    My little one has started picking up books whenever he stops moving too. I'm thinking it's a good thing, but it's been awfully quiet around here since then.

    The hair dos were amazing Melissa! You outdid yourself!

  12. That picture of the eagle being released is just breathtaking! That must have been wonderful to watch.

    I LOVE the packrat hair! And I envy your frost (a little). It's going to be about 100 here today.

  13. I think some friends of mine went to that Raptor release as well. The hairdos are something else! They both are quite cool but I have to say that the rats nest kind of makes me feel a bit nervous but the birds nest is very cute.