Tuesday, July 31, 2012

photo postcards

When I was in California, I spent some time with my father-in-law going through old photos and photo postcards (his father and his grandfather were exceptionally good photographers - they even have photos of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics).

I got to wondering if there were places that still printed photo postcards. I found MOO. Not only do they print postcards in batches as small as twenty but each card can be a different photo or image. They cost twenty dollars for twenty cards. Not cheap but certainly worth it for special people. So I ordered a batch.  I think they are the coolest!!

You can even pre-print the message (an option, I did not choose), which would allow you to use these for invitations or announcements. They also have different formats for the back so you can make the postcard look exactly how you want it too.


  1. The 1932 Olympics, wow! Your photo postcards turned out beautiful, perfect vintage quality. The Nativity photographs you take would make beautiful Christmas photo cards.

  2. Those are really cool! If you aren't familiar with Uprinting, I think they also do postcards, but I don't know what they charge.

  3. I use MOO for my business cards and the quality is as you stated excellent. Because you have mentioned the post cards, which I did not notice, I may think about some for Christmas cards. I only send out a few anyway.

  4. Such a great idea for printed invitations Melissa!

  5. What a thoughtful thing to send someone, especially with your gorgeous images. I've heard good things around blogs about Moo. :)

  6. That's an awesome idea.... I am considering using some of my images for cards... maybe at Christmas time... maybe.... We'll see. ... :)

    Thanks for the info!