Friday, July 13, 2012

San Diego Maritime Museum

The day we left California, my father-in-law drove us to the airport. We got there with plenty of time to spare so we checked our luggage in and then we went to visit the Maritime Museum.

It was a very enjoyable and quiet little excursion, just the five of us.

We toured the Star of India. We saw what bunk space was like for those traveling to new lands to settle. The Star of India display shared about settlers traveling to New Zealand and the deprivations and hardships of their voyage.

The Star of India was/is a classic sailing vessel in every way.

We got to view a gallery show in the belly of the Star that featured photos taken by Jack London during some of his many sailing trips. It was very interesting to 'see' through the eyes of a writer.

We also toured a Russian Submarine.

You couldn't pay me to actually go under water in a submarine!!

We also toured the HMS surprise whose figurehead you see above.

In addition to the two ships and the submarine, we took a quick spin through the Steam Ferry Berkley, which is stunning with wooden benches that would do any old church proud and stained glass windows. We were just about ready to return to the airport at that time so I didn't take but one photo in the Berkley.

There was a great deal more to see at the museum but we were out of time and had to catch our flight back home to Minnesota.


  1. I can barely visit a submarine. They are too tiny for me. I cannot imagine being under the sea for months on end. It gives me the jitters. God Bless those who do it.

  2. You were about 30 minutes from my house :) The next time you are here, I highly suggest visiting the USS Midway, but plan a whole day, it's an amazing museum, I could spend all day just on the flight deck!

    I have always loved the Berkley, I actually looked into having my wedding there, but it was way too expensive for our budget :( Oh, one more fun fact, they actually sail the Star of India once a year, it's amazing that a ship that old still sails, I'm always in awe when I get to see it.

  3. I could not do it either.

  4. You sure have had a full Summmer...and it's not over yet! Good for you. Ours has been very mundane, so I am enjoying all your photos...I live in CA and haven't been to a lot of the places you have! Gas is just too expensive right now for us to go anywhere except for the neccessities. Hoping you have a realxing weekend

  5. I've never thought of what it might be like to work (and live) in a submarine... it might be quite claustrophobic wouldn't it? ya, I don't think I'd like it much either!

  6. FUN! I have pictures of my brother and I on the Star of India when we were little. We're 50 and 51 now. Can you believe that! :) Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

    Hope you have a lovely week and get some rest!

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! Lovely black and white photos.

  8. I have not had a chance to explore San Diego. The Star of India looks beautiful, I love tall ships. I hope you are feeling better, K

  9. As for me, I love submarines!