Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sequoias - Between the Big Trees - Part 2

When we drove between Sequoia and Kings Canyon, we stopped to play in a mountain stream. As you can see, the way down was quite steep.

The water was cold, but not as cold as I remember it being in the Rockies when we went there on vacation when I was a child. Still, it felt great.

The mosquitoes were large and aggressive - definitely rivaling the state bird of Minnesota.

The shot above feels very Mark Twainish to me - a female version of Tom Sawyer.

I actually kept a color version of the photo above - the lens flare made a most impressive rainbow. When I am done with the series, I will try to remember to post  l

If you click on the image above and look carefully, you can see Tim at the top of this large boulder. The girls scaled it too. It was on the opposite side of the stream we played in. I got in the stream with my camera but decided to skip crossing it - so I took these shots from the opposite bank.

Grampy found a fallen log for them to cross back on. I thought maybe the girls would get freakish about crossing on the log but they were champs.

C caught this butterfly free-handed without hurting it and then released it.

I can just imagine this stump coming to life at night as a goblin with a giant maw and squinty little eyes - can you see one of his eyes? If I could paint or draw I would try to render it. :)

The best photos of giants is yet to come. It will be accompanied by some fascinating facts about some of the tree too.


  1. What fun to climb all over these masterpieces. I agree...the last photo does look like it could leap to life and eat me. :)

  2. Lovely place and I know all of you had such fun hiking in that great forest.

  3. I am really enjoying these photos. I've never been to that area of the country. I have been to Tahoe but not in years so I'm anxious to see your view of it.

  4. What an absolute best roadside stop!! I love exploring like that. I'm sure you all had the best time!