Wednesday, June 27, 2012

of Lake Tahoe, prisoner 24601, and our 20th Anniversary

I am combining all my lake images on this post. On Tuesday of our week at Tahoe, we took a drive around the lake. Our first stop was this bridge that the locals call the fanny bridge. Because there are a variety of large fish that hang out under it and can be fed, tourists often spend a lot of time hanging over the bridge. Imagine the view from behind my lovely family when they are tossing food over to the fish (especially those who are shorter than hubs).

If you go to the lake side of the bridge, you can feed the geese. The girls had loads of fun feeding the geese. The geese were smart. They had figured out that if they nibble the fingers, the food is dropped and they don't have to take it out of your hand.

When we drove around the lake, we stopped at an overlook that provides a great view of Emerald Bay and Vikingsholm. We didn't know about Vikingsholm or we may have tried to make the hike down to it. We were a bit tired and lethargic that day, so it may be just as well that we didn't know about it

If you look carefully, you can see Vikingsholm in the photo below. In the photo above, you can see a small island island in Emerald Bay on which Mrs Knight, the owner of Vikingsholm, had a tea house built. You can see the tea house at the peak of the island.

After Vikingsholm, we visited the Tallac Historical Site. The Tallac Site was the location of one of the premier resorts in the world, most of which has been torn down. Below you can see a representative of one of the first denizens we met, they were the fattest chipmunks I have ever seen - there was one in the parking lot that waddled.

In the kitchen, of one of the private residences which is still standing, was some fabulously embroidered tea towels like the one below.

Before the white man discovered Lake Tahoe, the Washoe Indians called it home. The Tallac site had a small museum, detailing their rapid decline as white man came and logged the mountains and pushed them out. Above you can see is a replica of a Washoe teepee.

Don't you love the decoration in the eaves with the natural curve of branches?

I love that they watered the property with good old fashioned sprinklers. There is a beach nearby and some child had wandered up to play in the sprinkler.

I think it was Wednesday, that we went to the beach. On Sunday, Tim's Dad had taken the kids to the pool at the condo, he took them there several times. Tim and I slept. Unfortunately, it meant that C  got a bad sunburn because Keith forgot to put sunblock on the kids. K's skin doesn't burn very easily but C's does. C got a bad sunburn so she had to wear Dad's t-shirt every time she spent time in her swimsuit.

The beach we went to had a neat peninsula with grass and benches. Doesn't it look absolutely inviting?

So what is with #24601? Let's start with the fact that Tim and I have always avoided wearing branded clothing. We might buy name brands (and do have some we like) but we refuse to advertise for them. As a result, we tend to buy quirky t-shirts.

I only have two t-shirts that aren't for exercise or yard work. One has a picture of Charlie Brown standing on the pitchers mound with raining pouring down. The second has an image of the Tootsie Pop Owl - with the question, "How many licks?"

Tim likes really obscure shirts. He has two from the movie The Princess Bride. On the front of one it says "Inconceivable" on the back it says "I do not think it means what you think it means."

The second has the image of a "A Hello My Name Is Label" printed on the label in what appears to be script it says "is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." It is very funny because it is starting wear off. One time when my Dad was visiting he thought Tim had forgotten to take a label off - then he read it - he roared with laughter.

Tim also has a t-shirt that simply says "Browncoat," which is an obscure reference to the television show Firefly.

#24601 is Jean Valjean's prison number in Les Miserables. I've read the book over half-a-dozen times. We've probably seen the musical that many times as well. My husband is a stoic. I think the only times that I've seen him cry is at my grandpa M's funeral and when Valjean sings his prayer in Les Miserables.

Today, Tim and I celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Tim had to return to work today and I had to sit at Midas waiting to get our brakes changes. Tonight, I will be at VBS taking photos. 



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Great photos! I especially liked the one with the curved branches and the bench with the backdrop of snow? covered mountains!

  2. Squeal....Happy 20th anniversary !!! how wonderful!!! (we are 19 years in August) What a happy occasion for you even if waiting at Midas. Love the photos and the t-shirt references. We are also quirky tshirt fans (The girls and I gave hubbie a "Where the redfern grows" shirt for my husband for father's day)
    Blessings to you on this happy occasion!

    PS I have to find a "Anybody want a peanut shirt" for my 20th anniversary gift. I have a year:)

  3. 24601...I should have known. I think I've misplaced my thinking cap. :) I also love Les Mis. I was first introduced to the music after my dad saw the play on Broadway when I was 12 or 13. Love seeing your photos. Happy Anniversary!