Wednesday, January 04, 2012

crazy girls creating with grandparents

On Monday, my niece came over to make apple crisp and gingerbread cookies with the girls and my Mom and Dad. After some discussion, she spent the night too.

They played very, very hard.

Interesting note, the couch you see is over sixty years old. My Dad's parents bought it with their wedding money. My Grandfather was a pastor and him and Grandma had seven kids. When my aunt stopped by we were discussing the sofa and she says she thinks it was reupholstered three times.

Can you imagine a couch today that could endure seven children and the numerous moves made by a pastor's family? It is a gorgeous and durable piece of furniture.

When it came to baking, the first order of business was to make the gingerbread dough so it could spend sometime in the fridge. Dad has nutmeg so the girls all got to grate fresh nutmeg (which takes gingerbread to a whole new level).

After the dough was done and resting in the fridge, the girls made apple crisp. Mom and Dad had a discussion about how to multiply the recipe for the topping.

K and H really enjoyed making the crunch topping by hand.

C on the other hand has texture issues and didn't care for it.

H's Mom and big brother stopped by to drop of some overnight gear.

The girls had mac and cheese with little smokies, orange soda, and pumpkin pie for lunch.

After lunch they began rolling out the cookie dough and making the cookies.

Grandpa was getting a little stressed by the high energy girls and needed a break so Mom and I took them for a walk around the circle and stopped at the little abandoned playground.

Hubs was smarter than my Dad, he spent the day ignoring it all!!

In the evening, we drove out into the country to see a very famous local light display. For several years, the creator of the display has discussed shutting it down. The man is quite old (in his seventies, I think) and it is too much work for him. For awhile locals helped put it up but now the displays (all designed and made by the owner - nothing pre-made) are starting to deteriorate so this might be his last year.

Two very tired girls listen to Grandma read.

In the morning, before H's Mom and maternal grandmother came to pick her up, they frosted their cookies.

(If you are interested, my other blog has pictures of the eagles (flying wild) that we saw on our trip).


  1. What an amazing light display, thank you so much for sharing it. I also love that chesterfield, it is darling. Sounds like it was a wonderful day.

  2. what a wonderful time you are having with your parents and family... praying that you have a wonderful year in 2012...

  3. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing the light display, too bad some of their family wouldn't take over.
    I sure bet it smelled like heaven in your kitchen! mmmm
    They sure don't make them like they used to! Back in the day we called sofas chesterfelds...gonna have to look up why...
    Have a great time with the family!

  4. How fun ~ You are having a close family! so sweet..
    ~ Enjoy & have a great new year!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & admiring my work :)

  5. I believe that couch was made by a furniture factory in Grand Rapids, Mi. Do any of you other siblings know?

  6. Oh, to have that much energy again! I love to see Christmas from other families.

  7. Lovely photo essay Melissa. I feel like I've spent the day with you all. That fresh nutmeg sounds delish too, I've never had the pleasure.

  8. Oh, this looks like SO much fun to me!

  9. Such heartwarming see a family interact together!
    Those light displays were amazing.
    Thanks for the welcome back to blogland.