Friday, December 23, 2011

good un-gifts

My mother-in-laws parent's ran a general store when she was young (I think they tried and failed in several locations). In the past, she has sent me lots of ribbon from what they still had. This week (in the box that held the Christmas gifts), she sent me some more stuff from the store including, wooden spools of thread.

There are the typical large spools and small spools (none of the green ones thought), but what surprised me were these spools about the same size as a bobbin - I have never seen them before. Have you? Do you know what they were used for?

There is some pretty lace and ribbon too. I really like the paisley ribbon - there isn't a lot of it though.

She also sent me a huge assortment of wooden embroidery hoops from her crafting days.

Sometimes the best gifts aren't gifts. :)


  1. What treasures! Sewing supplies are my favourite "un"gift! I have never seen these sort of wooden "bobbins" before. I am very curious about their history. I am going to subscribe to the comments in case anyone else is aware of their origins! The paisley trim is beautiful! This is a really special package.

  2. Are the small spools sewing thread or buttonhole thread? I sure you will be putting these treasures to good use in the coming months!

  3. Ok, I'm a little jealous! I love vintage threads and notions. What a lovely gift, indeed.

  4. Oh lovely gift.

    I also really like the decorations you share in your other post, so pretty and precious.

  5. What an absolutely fun gift!! I have seen those little wooden spools before (I think I have a couple that I got from a very old friend) but I don't know the purpose of them either.

  6. Gorgeous goodies! What fun it will be to create with them. I have a couple of those wooden bobbin spools. Have no idea of their original purpose. Happy Christmas Eve!

  7. Gifts indeed. I have never seen the little ones either but they look so cute. I thought they might be bobbins themselves but being wooden that's probably not right. Anyway, I would love to find out.
    Thanks for popping by Melissa. Happy Christmas to you and your family.
    Kate x

  8. That is all sooo cool!