Friday, December 30, 2011

The Big Reveal: What I Made My Mom for Christmas

Several years ago, I picked up an unopened crewel embroidery kit at the thrift store for a whole whopping 79 cents (interestingly the copyright was from 1981). A couple of times I considered redonating it but I never did.

I decided that I wanted to complete this one for my Mom who gave me a cross-stitch of one of my favorite 'religious' or 'prayer' proverbs, which says "A Day Hemmed with Prayer Rarely Unravels."

When it was done, I had it dry cleaned like the instructions suggested - it was definitely worth it the colors became much more vivid after the cleaning.

I used a gift card for Michaels and 50 percent plus another 15 percent off coupon to defray the cost of framing.

It turned out pretty nice (although, I recently saw some crewel work by the girls' piano teacher that puts my work to shame).


Strictly Homemade Tuesday


  1. Melissa!! I'm sure she treasures it. I have never tried crewel. I think yours came out wonderfully.

  2. Gorgeous, Melissa - so delicate and detailed. Many kudos!

  3. It came out gorgeous! I really like the dimension that one can achieve in crewel work.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  4. Melissa, how beautiful! That will be a treasured gift for sure!

  5. It's beautiful, the colours are amazing.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Wow! What a special gift. You do lovely work and I'm glad you included the tip about having it dry cleaned...I've never heard that before but I'll try it next time!

  7. Absolutely beautiful gift, your work is so grand. It is amazing that you can find these sort of unopened kits at the goodwill from time to time. I also love the other proverb you mentioned. Perfect. Happy New Year Melissa.

    I was not aware that you are to dry clean after completion. That is a very interesting tip.

  8. Melissa, it is so pretty and well done. Never compare as your mama know it was done with love by her girl and is priceless. Olive

  9. Oh Melissa! It is beautiful!! I think your work is amazing, I sure bet your Mom loved it. Made by you it was worth more than anything else you could have gotten her.

  10. Oooo! Beautiful. I was heavily into counted cross-stitch in the early 1980's, but I remember that one!