Thursday, November 03, 2011

chenille stem stitchery

This was an art project we did yesterday. I found the instructions for it at Dick Blick - they have a treasure trove of art projects with pdf instructions.

This is my effort. I wasn't going to make one but C was struggling so much that I decided to make one just to encourage her.

This is K's project. She loved this project and wants to do more of it. She put a hanger on her's so that she can hang it up somewhere.

C made three or four attempts at this project. This was her last effort and she is not at all happy with it. She struggles with abstract - she likes her world very concrete.


  1. Another great project I need to try with my girls.

  2. Excellent medium!! I have never thought about using chenilles/pipe cleaners for stitching, we use for them beading - great for small hands, I will definitely try this with the girls!