Thursday, October 13, 2011

two crafts from that artist woman

Gail, from that artist woman, has a tutorial for these fabulous plaster leaf prints.

We had fun making the leaf prints but nothing like the fun we had making her plaster frescoes.

The lion is done by C my ten-year-old. The planet Jupiter surrounded by stars of various temperatures is done by K my seven-year-old. I made the simple red flowers.

As you can tell, we even cracked and stained our frescoes to make them look old and authentic.

If you want a fun project try the frescoes!!


  1. I love those! Budding artists...just like their mama! :)


  2. How cool!!! They look great, sounds like a fun project.

    I thought my parents were the only ones that sent food! LOL
    They shipped a big box of carrots to us when we were stationed in Miami! and another time a bouquet of Lilacs from my Mom's garden!
    Such loving and thoughtful parents we had.

  3. I think I'm going to try this with bug .. looks like something she'd enjoy !

  4. This looks like a fun project I may give a try!

  5. Love the leaf impressions most.

  6. Wow, your projects turned out great!!! They are so beautiful. I do love Gail's tutorials, too.

  7. both of these look like a ton of fun. the frescos are especially pretty and colourful! I've never worked with plaster so this would be new and fun for me and my little one to try.

  8. I love your frescoes - they turned out beautiful and you have captured them so well. I haven't tried any plaster crafts with the girls yet, this looks like a great project.

  9. These are just beautiful!! Wow!!