Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Snowmen and the Independence Day Weekend

We had a very busy Independence Day weekend - busy and good. Late Friday afternoon, I made my first snowman of the weekend. He was a tall snowman made out of the sleeves of two different types of sweaters.

The sleeve of a white sweater made his body and the sleeve and band from a Fair Isle sweater made his hat and scarf.

On Saturday morning, I made a bottle cap snowman (the one with sheet music) and a light bulb snowman.

Saturday afternoon, we went to the annual party that our neighbors throw. I didn't get an pictures of the girls because they spent most of their time in the backyard. But here are Chris and Kate's two adorable children.

I think K was the one who instigate H's tears.

Doesn't their daughter M have the most stunning eyes?

After the party, I had a photo shoot. Sunday morning we went to church. Sunday evening we went to fireworks.

Monday morning, I got up early and made the short sweater snowman then I worked on photos from the Saturday evening photo shoot. Monday afternoon, we went to the house of some friends for a pool party.

Monday evening, we went to more fireworks.

Hubby had yesterday off. I spent the day finishing photos from the weekend and making one last snowman (the dictionary page bottle cap snowman).

P.S. These snowman make 23-25.


  1. Wow! You had a busy weekend! LOVE the sweater snowmen. Too cute! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. You are so talented. Happy Wednesday! ☺

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!
    Your snowmen are a d o r a b l e !!!

  3. I agree with Larri, you were a busy one! Hey, using sleeves to make snowmen? Brilliant. They are so cute!

    Cool firework photos too!

  4. WOW, what amazing photos!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments about the tutu I made over at Strictly Homemade. I just linked up the easiest tutorial for it or you can find it here Let me know if you need help!

    Your newest Follower,

  5. I can't believe you're making snowmen in the middle of summer! Does it cool you off just thinking about snow? :)

    Love the pictures...gorgeous. Lisa~

  6. I think your MIL is going to be wowed for sure! Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

  7. Looks like a fabulous time. The snowmen were so cute, but I am not ready to see those guys yet LOL.

  8. My goodness, you captured some amazing photos. Those blue eyes! Hoping today found you happy.

  9. Awesome photos. The firework photos are amazing! Love all the snowmen. You are going to be ready for Winter this year!!

  10. What a busy weekend! Cute snowmen! Love the pics and the firework pics are amazing!!!

  11. These are all great snowmen but I think my favorite is the dollies!

  12. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I love the puzzle piece one- awesome!

    ~ Pati @ A Crafty Escape