Friday, April 08, 2011

Meandering Thoughts that Include Snowmen, Easter Baskets, Canada Geese, Symbols, Reasonings, and My Girls

The girls and I made these little Easter Baskets using applesauce cups, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners. C made the bunny, K the chick, and I made the odd looking lamb.

Soon I will be rubber-necking whenever I pass the Canada Geese because they will have those adorable balls of fluff following them around.

We went to the park with my dear friend and her youngest son. The girls get along with M so very, very well. Don't you love this shot? They were pretending to be Indians (Native Americans).

Today I am introducing snowmen 17-19 they are all spool snowmen but I am assigning them each their own spot. I didn't do that with the previous clothesline snowman family. Why? Because they were essentially the same thing over and over. In my opinion, these snowmen are three different takes on the same material. What do you think?

When the girls were small, I was amazed at how the girls could be shown an item that they hadn't seen before and that wasn't necessarily 'realistic' and recognize what it was. For instance, I was always amazed how a living frog, and a stuffed plush frog, and a cartoon drawing of a frog, and a realistic drawing of a frog could all be seen and deciphered as frog. Don't tell me you don't find that absolutely amazing. Sometimes the cartoon frog consists of three lines and a couple of circles and dots. The plush frog is a round ball with a suggestion of legs and bulging eyes...etc.

It is a marvel of the human mind that we are able to put together symbols or patterns and recognize them to mean something in very different contexts. The symbols for a snowman are white, 2-3 circles, black 'coal eyes, carrot or button nose, a mouth (sometimes coal bits), sometimes a top hat, sometimes a stocking hat, a scarf, stick arms, or sculpted arms.

Stack three graduated circles on top of each other and people will recognize a snowman. Paint black eyes, a carrot nose, and a mouth on something white and people assume that it is a representation of a snowman...

It makes my task easy. :)

I am gifted with language patterns when it comes to seeing metaphors and symbols. I also have a knack for seeing patterns in nature. I've noticed that I see things in nature that escape everyone else around me. What symbols or patterns are you particularly good at decoding?

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  1. I see the big picture, and then find how things fit into it. I always had to find the framework of the subject I studied in college, and then I could fill in the blanks, so to speak, as I studied.

    The park adventure looks like fun.

  2. I Love the baskets!! They are all soooo cute!
    Are you getting sick of snowmen yet? Great idea with the spools, would be darling on the tree.

  3. Girl you are all about the snowmen/women/babies these days!! I love them all. My mom loves snowmen especially. Aren't you ready for spring or are you guys still in winter mode?

  4. The snug little snowmen are my favorite! I do love Canada Geese, too, but little snowmen with scarves wins the cuteness contest every time!

  5. If I were making 100 snowmen every last one would be counted, by gum! Each snowman has his or her own personality right? So why shouldn't you count them all?

    That's just my opinion of course. Do what makes YOU happy!

  6. The baskets are so cute and very creative! I never thought of how different an object could be, yet have the same characteristics to be recognizable as the same. Very insightful! Love the snowmen!

  7. More cute snowmen! It is amazing how we can see things from such simple outlines or shapes - I guess it's like seeing shapes and pictures in the clouds - our minds like to made order from chaos! Simple is often better though - I remember watching kids tv when my girls were very young, and the presenter said, let's dress up as a frog - then all they did was grab a green square of material and wrap it round their shoulders, then hop about - just perfect!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. All of your projects are great! Tell your girls they did a fantastic job. Oh and I ♥ those Canadian Geese Ÿ

  9. Ummm... not sure ... I think details are my gift. I'm not sure about the pattern part though?... I have never thought about that...

    I love your little spools though! :) Those little snowmen are darling!!


  10. How sweet are your baskets!!
    Have a happy Monday, mine is coming to an end. No more snowmen for me, sweet friend xxxxx

  11. Love the baskets and the snowmen! That universal recognition you're talking about was described by Plato as ideal forms. He described a chair instead of snowmen, but the concept is the same, and is interesting to artists.

  12. Great post Melissa, very insightful, you are right - it is amazing what our brains are capable of in regard to recognition and filling in the blanks, the power of suggestion.