Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hurricane Lamp Snowman and a Dreaming Knight Box

Well...I am back but probably with only once a week posting for awhile. I am totally cleaning and reorganizing my basement and until I have finished with this cleaning project, I need to avoid spending to much time in blogville.

Snowman 21

I apologize for not straightening all the tassels but this poor box will get crammed into a shipping box and arrive with the tassels all askew anyhow so....I feel lazy.


  1. Good luck with the cleaning project! You might find some more great stuff to repurpose. :)

  2. Have fun cleaning and sorting. It's very satisfying when it's all done...until it needs doing again! :)

  3. LUV the box!!
    Happy Wednesday:)

  4. Enjoy your cleaning and organizing! It will feel so good when it's done and who knows what you'll find! LOL
    Love the snowman and such a sweet box!

  5. Oh I know how you feel with having to clean and reorganize. It's a daunting task here! LOL! I LOVE the box! Love the colors of the tassels and the imagery is awesome!

  6. Love snowman 21's hat!!
    Enjoy the cleaning and sorting! It is easy to get delayed in blogland!!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. You are still doing snowman! Okay, I gotta ask aren't you ready for spring? I really love this snowman though. Very creative!! Good luck cleaning. Maybe you will inspire me to clean out...nevermind I am using the excuse I just had a baby for as long as I can!!