Thursday, January 20, 2011

Excuses and Bragging On My Girls


I have been absent for quite awhile. It was unintentional and unplanned. So here is a list of excuses.

  • Before we left for our Christmas vacation, I photographed a wedding. I needed to finish working up the photos from that wedding.
  • I started organizing my house and tossing stuff before Christmas I wanted and needed to finish that project.
  • My parents are coming this weekend to celebrate my husband's birthday and Christmas with us and I need to finish gifts and make sure there is a place for them to sleep and the bathroom is clean.
  • I feel overwhelmed.

However, I am ready to return to my normal happy routine that includes making things and posting about them on my blog and I hope to be able to return on Monday.


Last week, one of the Fathers came into our co-op and was talking to the kids about the solar system. He made a comment about the earth being round, then asked how we knew it was round because it looks flat when you are standing on it.

C, my oldest, says "Yeah it looks flat unless you are by the ocean. When you are by the ocean you can see how the earth curves by the sky." The Dad paused and replied "Yep that is exactly how they figured it out."

Earlier this week, I started reading a book called "George vs. George" it looks at the American Revolution through the leaders of the two countries involved. The book is excellent and gives lots of information in a very engaging manner.

It mentioned how both King George III and George Washington were both well above six feet at a time when the average man was 5'7". I knew that Washington towered above his contemporaries but I didn't know that about King George.

My husband and I started talking about it in front of the girls and he pointed out (which the book later discusses) that George didn't speak English and was in fact German. That evening after the girls were in bed we got out Oxford History of the British Monarchy and read some more about it.

This morning, I walked into the classroom and found K, my youngest, explaining to the teacher that George didn't speak English but spoke German instead and that he wasn't from England. The teacher was startled. I had to step in and confirm that K did indeed know what she was talking about.

The photo at the top of the page is me the day of the wedding (it was the day Minnesota had the huge snowstorm earlier this winter). The mother of the bride wanted a photo of me so I handed the camera to her granddaughter. I really like this photo of me.

The other photos are the next day at the reception. The bride was C's school teacher last year. I think the photos of her talking to her teacher are sweet.


  1. Excuses! Excuses! HAHA! Just kidding! Look who's talking, right? Like I post often! HAHAHA! Besides, you really do sound busy, but I can't wait to see what projects you have to post!

    You're girls sound really smart! I wish my son would pick up on things I say, but he'd rather play with his toys. Go figure!

    The pictures really did turn out great! That's also a good picture of you! Love the hat too! Have a fun weekend!!!

  2. That is so sweet. I love that picture of you, cute hat. Everything sounded legit to me. And how looks like the new motto around blog land is blog without obligation. Your daughter is not only cute, but SMART too....hmmm...she looks around Jack's age LOL!

  3. Those are all very good excuses--I may borrow some of them sometime! That is an awesome photo of you! I know it was way before, but you don't look stressed out at all!

    You have two very bright girls in your family!

  4. You have been busy, I understand all too well how it can get overwhelming really fast. I'm hoping you have a great visit and celebration with your parents and hubby this weekend and that you're able to relax and enjoy yourself.

    I always feel so appreciative when situations arise that reinforce what we're doing right with our kids, glad you were able to have that with not one but both of your girls:)

  5. I would be overwhelmed with that scheduale Melissa. Take it easy on yourself. ♥O

  6. Those are not excuses...that's called living your life :) What great stories about your girls...isn't it a great feeling when you know they have really listened and learned? Lovely photos too!

  7. Sometimes life gets in the way, doesn't it? :o) LOVE your photo. You are just beautiful. :o)

    And those smartie girls of yours...I know they get that from you. Thanks for sharing the great snaps. Take it easy, post when you can. Your bloggy friends will be waiting right here. Happy Thursday, friend! :o)

  8. So many things going on for you right now! So fun to "see" you for the first time. No wonder your girls are so pretty. :) Best wishes, you'll make it through it all.

  9. Hey. I remember you!

  10. That is indeed a lovely picture of you. I am so glad you posted it!

    I love the story about George too. Your kiddos are very lucky to be guided by such knowing parents!

    Best wishes always,

  11. Ditto ditto! You are one busy squirrel, my dearie. The girls are lovely inside and out - yay to teaching the teacher!

  12. Oh how I love your photography. Thanks for sharing (and letting us now your human) LOL

  13. sorry you've been overwhelmed. I understand, I often feel overwhelmed. Your girls are lovely, my two are very interested in history and science projects too. It's amazing what they pick up and are interested in. It's good to be a proud parent isn't it?

    Hugs. xx

  14. I know how you feel, I have been overwhelmed too, in fact I am still waiting for my crafty/bloggy side to resurface after a hectic few months..

    That is a nice photo of you, sporting one of your fabulous hats!