Monday, November 08, 2010

Yup! I was Sick...I was Busy...and I made more Boxes

There are two main reasons you haven't heard from me lately. I was sick and I was busy. 

Almost two weeks ago. I got sick with a nasty cold that included lots of phlegm and a fever. I still have phlegm - I cough and I feel like I have a sewer in my mouth but I am improving every day and feel loads better.

We've been busy. Most of the busyness wasn't of a noteworthy nature, it was just life. However, it was easier to stay away and take care of important stuff than it was worrying about what to say and what to read.

I've got several things to share but for now I will just share more boxes.

These last three boxes are a set of nesting country heart boxes that I no longer used. They were too nice to get rid of so I made them over as gift boxes.

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  1. Get better, dear. I'm afraid we're entering the busy time of year!

  2. You and your boxes....I can't believe you did these when you were sick. What will you do when you're well for goodness sake! LOL! Lisa~

  3. Sorry to hear you've been sick but I'm so glad you are back. Missed you.
    Hope the nasty cough goes away soon!!


  4. Very Cute! Now will you use these for gifts? I hope you are better. Is it me or does the phlegm stay longer than it used to? Gross question... sorry.... just an observation.

    Have a better week!

  5. I've missed you!

  6. Welcome back, glad you're feeling better (mostly). The boxes are great, plus you kind of made a light bulb go off for me - I always hate throwing out good boxes, but can never find a legit reason to save 'em. if I decorate them quickly, and call them gift boxes, I can keep them! Hope you continue to mend, my dearie!

  7. Dear Melissa, I was thinking last night that you had not been posting for a while so I am glad to see you here crafting away today. Hope you feel better! Drink, drink, drink lots of fluids. I am a nurse you know. hugs♥O

  8. You made these while you were sick? You're Super Woman. They turned out great. I hope you're feeling 100% soon. Thanks for linking up with Sweets This Week :)

  9. Hi Melissa, I have been MIA too.. I was not sick myself, but the kids have been (they're better now). I hope you have a speedy recovery, and I really need to catch up with what you have been up to..

    The gift boxes are lovely! Really cute and vintage looking, I'm sure the recipients will be very happy to receive them!

  10. Sorry you've been poorly. I've had a very similar thing. For me I felt ill but it wasn't coming out as a cold or cough. Yesterday my ear made a gurgling sound and then popped, I've felt better since. Lol.

    Love the boxes.