Monday, October 18, 2010

I Spy Jars

I made these I Spy Jars last week. I used beads from my stash and objects from around the house. The jars are Skippy PB jars with the lids spray painted with hammered aluminum.

See the thread? Many of the beads in my stash were recycled from previous lives - I couldn't get all the thread out and of course the thread is the easiest thing to 'find.'

I've read that metal objects are hardest to find as they migrate towards the middle. It is true but they make a fun challenge too.

These are very compelling toys. I think I will remake them on car trips as a challenge for the girls and to keep them quiet.

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  1. Love these, Melissa! I think I finally know what to do with all the tiny junk in my kitchen drawers. :o) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those look like fun! (and super easy to make!)

  3. Fun. My kiddos would love one of these.

  4. I love this idea. This would be a great thing to do with our tiny toy advent calendar pieces once the holiday is over. I am going to start saving all those tiny toys I step on instead of chucking them in the trash ;)

  5. Super cool idea! Would have never thought of that.

  6. I paid big money for a store-bought version of this last Christmas for my nieces and nephews! Maybe this year I'll make them one like yours with personal items in there. I love it! Lisa~

  7. Oh, thank you. Now I know what I will make my nieces and nephew for Christmas! Their parents will love it ;-)

  8. Great idea, what a perfect present too.

  9. I love these. I made one this summer for my kindergarten class and they absolutely love it :)

  10. Pure genius! My kids are so getting some of these!

  11. Melissa,
    Do they just turn the jar till they see all the objects in it? Do you have a list of the objects?
    That would be great fun for my grand kids, and I have lots of beads I do not use. they were just about to go to the thrift store.

    regarding my Flower Nest Tutorial, and a PDF file for you. I'd be glad to do that, but do not know how. Can you just paste it into word to have it? Or you can give me instructions and I will learn something new.

    thanks for coming by.


    barbara jean

  12. Lovely idea! And you're right - they'd be perfect for car journeys!

    Thanks for linking to A Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  13. These would be great stocking stuffers for my kids! Thanks for the idea!