Monday, August 23, 2010

Warm, Cozy Flannel Clothes for Winter

Did you know they make flannel sheets? The solid blue is from a flannel sheet. The print is from thrift store yardage.
They were worried about a bee.

I made C's capelet first. Yes, it is very wrinkly. She has been trying it on with everything in her closet (except for jeans) and nothing matched. So I made her a skirt. The ruffle is from a bedskirt.

Um, yeah. I should have ironed. 

I lined the capelet.

pockets and mismatched buttons (sorry no good photos of the buttons, the top two are vintage metal buttons and the bottom ones are metal replicas of buffalo buttons).
The pants are a bit big but I am not going to do anything about it right now. It will be a couple of months before it is so cold that she will wear this and given how the girls  shoot up - it might not be a problem by then.

I'll be sharing this at:

make it wear it
Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden
Hump Day link


  1. Lovely and stylish! At least I think so and they look happy too! I am so happy it will be cooler weather soon!

  2. those outfits are awesome! I wish I had them!

    You are very good at sewing. And, I didn't think they looked wrinkly :)

    Thanks for all of your kind comments! :-)

  3. Flannel sheets.... reminding me of my childhood. I had pink and light blue ones and yellow lovelies with these cute red roses.... I wonder where to by these soft sheets nowadays. You hardly see them anymore.
    Have a sweet Tuesday, Melissa xxxxx

  4. very nice things you made. What a contrast with their feed :-)

  5. Those are beautiful! Oh, and the clothes are nice too. :) Lisa~

  6. Totally cute and hip - hip in such a cool vintage way. I LOVE the pant legs. Your girls are the best models!!!

  7. Those look too darn cozy! Do you sell these clothes? Or just make them for your daughter...just wondering...If you do not you should consider it...look into Etsy:)

  8. OK! I don't know which to comment on first!!!
    The darling little girls, the awesome photography, or maybe the design work on the way cute outfits!! Holy Cow, girl!!!
    GOOD JOB! :)


  9. There is nothing more snuggly than flannel! What a nice Mama to make such sweet outfits. I'm kinda lovin' the caplet...

    I love your photographs, and your girls are just beautiful.

  10. Oh wow! Melissa I really love these outfits! Your girls are so beautiful and stylish.. Where to begin on what I love about these?! I love the blue colour and the print.. love the mismatched metal buttons on K's top.. love all the bows.. love LOVE the capelet and matching skirt (more drama for K I see!).. I have been wanting to make myself a cape ever since Carol Hannah made one on Project Runway! I will do it one day. I'd love to make Cyan clothes like this, she would love them.

  11. So cute! I love the capelet set, it's so custom, and the style of the other shirt is one of my favorites for little girls. Nice job. (I wondered how you got the pensive looks in the 1st photo. lol!)

  12. They look so cute and cozy! You are obviously very talented!

  13. Wow, BOTH outfits are beautiful! Oh I wish I had a girl to sew for! Great stuff.

  14. Darling outfits, especially the capelet.

  15. You are so talented! I need to teach myself to sew beyond the basics, I would love to be able to make something like this for my kids.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  16. I wish I was adorable and you loved me. I want a capelet!