Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Bookshelves!! A CSN Review

When I look at the corner of our living room, I am thrilled to bits. I have new bookshelves thanks to CSN Stores. I was given another opportunity to review CSN's products and I decided to review some furniture.

I ordered my Sauder Graham Hill Bookshelves on Tuesday of last week and I received them on Friday and that was with regular delivery. CSN is super fast in their shipping department. I had the same experiences last time I reviewed for them.

We were busy last weekend so I didn't get to put these things together until Tuesday night. I thought they went together easily but my husband who was helping me did not think it was the easiest. He thought that the design for putting them together could be easier. But, you must remember, my husband is an engineer.

If you are okay with winging it and sometimes taking things apart because you didn't read the instructions well, you will find these easy. If you over-analyze everything, you may find it a bit more like my husband said "Not the easiest to put together."

Yesterday, I loaded her up and decorated her top.

I really like the stepped back design of these shelves, they are a little more interesting than a plain box.

She sits in the corner that I recently redecorated to help hide the water stains from the roof problems we had several years back. I added the cross-stitch from my Mom, my teapot from CSN, and my silverware lamp to the top.

The shelves have some of my favorite classics and/or best thrift store hard cover finds.

Notice the books that have the same cover? A few years ago, I got the complete works of Charles Dickens, Oxford Edition with copies of the original serial prints, at the thrift store for two dollars a book. I've always thought I wanted to read all of Dicken's work. I've read The Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Hard Times, Martin Chuzzlewit (although I can't remember any of it), The Old Curiosity Shop, and I am stuck in the middle of Bleak House.

On the shelf above Dickens you can see my Jane Austen works (I have two left to read), The Age of Innocence (one of my favorites), Uncle Tom's Cabin (another favorite),  and a Passage to India among others.

Some of the books the top shelf are Anna Karenina (great book btw), Crime and Punishment (rocked my world the first time I read it in HS), War and Peace (which I hope to read soon), Gone with the Wind, and I have a large group of Fitzgerald there (another great thrift store find).

I love books. Do you?

Disclosure: CSN Stores gave me a gift certificate, at no cost to me, so that I could pick one of their products for review purposes. The opinions shared belong to me and my husband, you may not have the same experiences we do.


  1. These bookshelves look great, especially the way you've filled them with classic books.

  2. I never have enough book cases Melissa. I read a lot. Loved PBS's Bleak House and now need to read it. Have read all of Jane Austen. I wrote a post today about reading but will post it later when the mood strikes me. My hubs says I retired at age 45 so I could read. Not really but some weeks I do get lost in my books. Have a great weekend♥olive

  3. Love your book shelves!! Your books look great on them.

  4. I've had a good experience when buying from CSN, too.
    And I also have 2 Jane Austen books still to read - I wonder if they're the same as yours?!

  5. I love to read! Oh so much. I would read all day if I could. I've never read all of Dickens' stuff, but his books are on my list. Are you liking them? Austen is one of my favorite authors. But I read all genres really :-)

    That is a nice bookshelf! I really like it. I think I'll have to get myself one of those.