Friday, August 27, 2010

Creative High Party

My Creative High
 Or at least, a huge creative success.

I saw the idea for this years ago when we took the girls to a play of Charlotte's Web. Attached to the theater was a small art gallery. Hanging in the gallery was a huge canvas, a white on white creation of flowers. The flowers were all made out of recycled lids. I always thought I wanted to make some myself.

Mine is much more simple. I used recycled lids for the blossoms and the leaves (the leaves are lids from oval body wash containers) and the stems are straws. The base is a shelf from one of those prefabricated modular storage shelves that I didn't use and has been laying around for years. Spray paint and glue = a simple whimsical picture for K's room.

K loves it she has requested that in addition to these 'dandelions' that I make her dark purple violets and orange day lilies.

Last Weeks Highs:

Anna from Moon River makes these beautiful fused dichroic glass pendants.
Cecily from Craftopotamus made this bag which recycles birdseed bags. It has been featured all over blogland and it deserves it.
Laurie at Scene of the Grime updated her burlap wreath using painted plastic decorative fencing.
Anji from Starking Crafty Party Ideas did a Dalek Pirate themed party for her son. She made loads of cute things and had great game and craft ideas. My favorite were the dalek flags she made. She is our Creative High Winner of the week.

The Rules:

1. Link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog. Link to something you made that shows off your creative genius; something that gave you a creative high kind of like the endorphin rush that runners talk about. It can be an old post or a new post but it needs to be something you made.

2. Give your entry a descriptive title.

3. Use my button to link back to the party or add a text link in your post.

4. I can't accept links to etsy shops or online stores but I will accept parties and give-a-ways.

5. By entering your link, you are giving me permission to use any part of your post including pictures in a spotlight at Those Northern Skies (appropriate credit and links will be given to you and your blog of course).

The Prizes:

1. Every Friday at the next party, I will highlight my favorite posts from the previous week.

2. My favorite entrant of the week will win an advertisement in my sidebar free of charge for one month (four weeks). If you do not have a shop, I can put your blog button up or if you would rather I can put up a button for your favorite charity.

3. In addition, for those who make a project inspired by one of my projects or one of my tutorials, I will pick one winner a month and they will get to keep an advertisement in my sidebar for two months. Plus all inspired entrants will be part of a featured post at the end of the month.

I will be sharing this at:

Keeping It Simple

Moon River


  1. Oh, Melissa, thank you SO much for featuring my bag! And I LOVE your flowers - I can't believe those are recycled lids! Especially the leaves! That is just too cool!

    Thanks again!

  2. Really cute artwork using lids as flowers! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Its me again! All smiles and Happy Friday! I love your artwork! It is a perfect way to spend some time with the kids and get creative! I like that it is recycled too...Thanks for hosting the party and come by if you get a chance for my party today... I featured my grandmothers pickles.. I love to garden and can.... ummmm Love and Light! Anna

  4. I love the lid art you've done! So creative and graphic and cheap, very cool for your sweet girl. Thanks for hosting your fun party, it's always interesting to see what's what.

  5. You really are so good at making something out of nothing! What a great project for the kids! It gets there creative mind working as well. Have a great weekend

  6. Thank you so much for making me a winner Melissa! It really was a creative high..

    I love your lid dandelion art, very cheery and striking in those colours.. so are you going to make violets and day lilies to match?

  7. Love the recycled art!! So cute and great execution of the idea.

  8. Real cute flower idea and I love green ideas!

  9. Cute art work! Glad I found your party today (sorry it is a day late)! Isn't it so much fun to be creative and to pass it on to our kids? Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. That work of the cute lovely little girl is ADORABLE, Melissa. Is she your daughter? She is a beauty!
    Have a happy weekend. xx

  11. I love your lid creation! That is darling!! :)
    Can I submit my little bird nest necklace that someone else made? :) It's pretty crafty?


  12. I absolutely love the lid art!!
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting

  13. I've got DOZENS of red Jif peanut butter lids, just waiting for the peeeerfect project!

  14. Thanks so much for hosting! Love the features, thanks for giving me some great blogs to check out this night. :)

    Have a great remainder of the weekend!
    -Ann Marie

  15. Oh I knew there was something else I wanted to say! I loooove those flowers, I can't believe that they are lids. So cute, I'm bookmarking this post and hope to recreate this.

  16. I love the use of the lids... nothing like craft projects out of the recycling bin!

  17. I love the artwork! Brilliant. I think I'm going to make something like that, I have too many bare walls

  18. Sorry to be late to the party, had to say I LOVE your recycled lid flowers!!!!

  19. Just found you via Its so very creative! Love your lid flowers! So stylish!!

    Would love for you to join in my Kids Get Crafty link up on Wednesdays. Here is this week's link!

    Have just joined yours and will be coming back!!

    Looking forward to "seeing" you again!

    Red Ted Art

  20. Ah! These are so awesome! I am never going to look at my recyclables the same again!

  21. My eye is immediately drawn to these flowers when I see them in link parties...I should have known they were your creation! Great job.