Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bookshelves and Tea Pots

A while ago, I did a review for CSN Stores. I ordered a pepper mill and a teapot from their stores. They contacted me last week and asked me to do another review. How can I refuse a company that sells everything from dining room sets to air compressors?

Before I shop for my next goodies, I figured I better tell you the rest of the story. When I ordered the pepper mill from  CSN Stores, I also ordered myself a new teapot. I was really excited about it because it was a cast iron teapot and I needed a new teapot as I broke the lid on one of my two teapots that I use daily.

Isn't it pretty? It came well-packaged and included a package of green loose leaf tea (it has its own brewing basket that hangs inside it under the lid).

Unfortunately, there was one small downside to the teapot.It was smaller than I expected. I read the specifications sheet that CSN includes with all its products, I just didn't stop and think. What I should have done is measured the capacity of my current teapots rather than assuming I knew.

But guess what!! Everything works out well in the end. I found a unused teapot that was the size I prefer at the thrift store. Now I have a fun cast iron teapot for my house that suits our decor AND I have an extra teapot for when someone gives me a funky lose leaf brew that I don't want to try in my everyday pots!!

Now I just have to make a decision about what I want to review for CSN. I still need a pair of boots and would really like a Light Box and we could always use bookshelves and they have really neat clocks and globes and....


  1. Large cast iron tea pots, I believe, are hard to find. Actually, I have a hard time finding any tea pot in a size I like. I have one from Pfalzgraff that is large enough and doesn't drip everywhere when I pour it. My other ones are quite small and don't get used much!

    Have fun with your review!

  2. I do love the tea pot though...I will be doing a review for CSN in the future too...how cool is that? Blogging rocks for so many reasons.! Debbie

  3. oh my goodness! that tea pot is adorable. I think I'll have to visit CSN

  4. That teapot is precious.

    How do you get a chance to do a review for them?