Saturday, March 20, 2010

thinking about Mother's Day

My poor Mom. I've always had a habit of giving gifts early. Plus, she reads my blog so if it shows up here, well it is no surprise. So I gave this to her in February when we met at my sister's for my nephew's first birthday.

I wrote a tutorial for this little placard at Suite101.

I love buttons and have made lots of different crafts from them. For ideas and inspiration check out my list of links and ideas.

Don't forget all the wonderful people who host linky parties so that all the brilliant crafters and artists out there can share their work. Check out the hosts and parties I share at.

Brown Paper Packages Mother's Day Party

Sharing at Fireflies and Jellybeans: Mother's Day Gifts Linky Party


  1. I love your quote on your header and your blog is full of beautiful pictures! Your mom is very lucky. Thanks for stopping by mine!

  2. I love the saying on your craft. Did I ever remember to ask you if you just buy buttons, or if you collect them from your used clothing?

  3. Heidi,

    I have to confess, I do both. When I first started getting buttons, I bought those clam shells of buttons (I think they are a pound) you can get JoAnns and Michaels. And I save from our old clothes. I also have been fortunate and have had several people give me their collections. Every so often, I will run across a bag or jar of buttons at a thrift store too.

    I never buy buttons for the clothes I make - I just go to my stash - I can usually find enough matching buttons to finish a project - or if I feel whimsical I use mismatched buttons.

  4. I will have to go and check out the link for Suite 101-I haven't been there before!

    I hope you don't mind but I have a little award waiting for you at my blog.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  5. I really love this, the black and white is an unexpected palette for Mother's Day,usually you see pastels. The quote you picked is so nice too. I'm hosting a Mother's Day Tea and these would be perfect for it.

  6. What a fabulous Mother's day gift. What a great gift and the quote is awesome. Everything is just beautiful. I know you mother loves it!

    I have the same problem I make stuff but can not post about it until after the fact so I don't ruin the suprise!! I never thought about just giving it to them early!

    Thanks so much for joining me at my Gifts from the Heart Party. Come back next month on the 20th! I can't wait to see what you have come up with!

    Take care!

  7. Simply stunning! Love everything about this project - especially the saying!

  8. What a cute saying! I'm the same way, my mom always knows what she is getting. This year, I'm letting her pick something, so there no surprise whatsoever!

  9. Adorable!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  10. This is my first visit, I love your opening quote! Also what a clever button idea, I also have large amounts of buttons in jars, I find them so colorful and they add just that 3-D affect that I love on cards.

  11. Melissa- this is amazing too! You are very creative! :)

  12. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing it.