Wednesday, November 29, 2006

inspiration and tutorials for button projects

And these don't include all the other projects that incorporate buttons but aren't really about buttons.

How to Make Button Bouquets
I've made many, many, many of these - and they can be so customized - and you can change the style so easily with a little imagination, the right vase, and color combination.

How to Make Floral Hair Wreaths
I've made probably close to twenty of these. I started making them when I got sick of all the wreaths my MIL bought that would fall apart within a few weeks. I wanted to make wreaths that held together and were more comfortable than wreaths based on wire or plastic bands. These are fabric and are sewn and glued for added durability. They don't fall apart - the ones my girls wear get tossed all over the place and the only thing that doesn't look so great is some of the ribbons are fraying...

How to Make Wind Spinners
The one above is buttons - the ones below give you a better idea of what wind spinners look like.

Button Pins are fun to make.

How to Make a Button Lamp - Like Little House on the Prairie


  1. never even occurred to me to use buttons for some many things...opened my eyes to some new possibilities!! thanks.

  2. And here I thought I was alone in my button mania. Very cute projects and very cute girls!

  3. My grandmother had TONS of vintage buttons for me to go through but I didn't have the time. I just got a few. Now I wish I made the time to get more. These are great projects. Love them all!!