Thursday, May 07, 2009

so much for superman

" When money is plenty, it is a man's world. When money is scarce it is a woman's world. When all else seems to have failed, the woman's instinct comes in. She gets the job. That is a reason why, in spite of all that happens, we continue to have a world." Ladies Home Journal 1932

Of course, we know it is in God's hands and neither man nor woman's. But it is still nice to know where women often fit.


  1. Toys and kites lost like that always remind me that there was an unhappy kid.

    Interesting quote, but today I do not want to be too reminded about money situations...

  2. Anonymous1:23 AM

    What a cool quote.

  3. You had doubts about where you fit in?

  4. Let me know if you need a Lois Lane to rescue that Superman :)