Thursday, March 26, 2009

update on Kyler (GOOD NEWS PTL)

This is an update from my Dad this morning.

Kyler and his parents made it to the hospital at which time he showed how good his lungs are. But since he has gained only 6 oz. in 5 weeks an investigation was carried out. According to AJ last night he has a hole in the heart muscle between two chambers. The hole is in the muscle not in a valve or a opening between chambers. The doctors are rather positive that once he starts to grow this will heal (AJ had a similar heart problem and of course the poor guy has a Grandma V and a Grandpa M that don’t help matters any). So for the next two to three days Kyler will be starting a group of drug therapy with Mom and Dad being educated in administration. david

April isn't returning my calls - which is a bit saddening to me as I could go to the hospital and bring her some books or food or just comfort.


  1. That is a hard place to be, and scary and I am not surprised she is not answering calls--if he is in for heart then no cell phones allowed to be on and often will turn off room phone as well. (We had similar trouble when Rach was in--I only could talk out in the waiting room or down in the main entryway.) Friends' middle child had similar trouble and eventually had heart surgery when 8. She is doing very well now (she is 16).

  2. SO glad the news is good!

    Will continue to pray.

  3. Thankful for good news...still praying.

  4. Right on. We need to add YOU to the prayer list - that you would be comforted and be a comfort.

  5. I like what Bobbie-Jo said...and I definitely agree. :) Thanks from me too for the update and will keep praying.

  6. Sounds like good news from my perspective. The baby has a small heart defect like that. In our case no one was ever worried about it at all and I never know whether to check the box that says heart defect or not.

    But it is good that he is being monitored because it is always better to know what is going on than not to.

    Still praying.