Thursday, March 05, 2009


It reached the mid-forties today. Beautiful and overcast (some of my favorite weather). The girls and I went for a walk down by the creek. The birds - we saw dozens upon dozens of robins...I guess we now have the promise - the promise that it will be spring and then summer soon.


  1. We got all the way up to 55 today! Woohoo! Of course I am all achy because of it but the joy of sunshine makes it worthwhile. :)

  2. Oh..,


    I remember those.

    Haven't seen any here, yet.

    LOVE the pictures.

  3. It is going to be in the 60's here this weekend. We are looking forward to it but expect lots of mushiness too.

    We haven't seen any robins yet. But my daffodils are starting to want to come up.

    BTW, in the photo the certain little boy is not telling some tall tale, he is just being himself. He recently learned to make faces in the mirror and is always trying them out.

  4. Do you have photographic proof of the robins?

  5. Glad you got out with your girls to enjoy the day! Love the nest photo an that last on of the leaf.

  6. We haven't seen any robins yet but it got up to 53 today. I love all of your park pictures.