Thursday, December 11, 2008


I foresee a series here. In the entry of our split-entry home, I have three old WWII prisms balanced on the ledge of a high window. This morning while my husband was eating breakfast he noticed the broken light shining through one of the floral frogs (from a small collection) I have on the ledge in our kitchen. He suggested I photograph it. I took photos of all the frogs on the ledge in the pools of broken light. In addition, I photographed one of the glass lemon juicers I have (from another small collection) and our butter dish in the pool of fractured light. I have plans to play with some salt and pepper shakers I own (that seem to be growing into another small collection) and some old jewelry from my grandmother.

I am a collector.

My hubby thinks this if fun because I will be producing color photos instead of black and white photos.

The irony is that he doesn't care to look at my photos.

(BTW for those who are sticklers about the definition of irony, I know this is in an inaccurate usage - but what word, would you use?)


  1. Those are so amazing. Just wonderful. :)

    (btw, have moved my blog from Tea with Milk at WP, in case you wonder who in the world I am when you see a different address there!)

  2. Oh, this is very different for you, and very pretty too.

  3. These are beautiful. Creative idea to capture the light in crystal. I've simply tried to photograph the light on the wall, which never worked. The house has those bumpy walls that some contractors like to do, so I have lovely refractions on bumpy walls.

    You are such an inspiration. While I'm at it, I admire the way you composed that photo of the dance teacher. Graceful. Good capture.

  4. Very pretty. Very creative.