Tuesday, December 09, 2008

extreme business

This past weekend was extremely busy. Grace had a party to go to on Friday night. On Saturday morning she had rehearsal for the church Christmas program.

Saturday evening Light had a party to go to. On Sunday morning, both girls had rehearsals. In addition, I helped Miss K the Sunday School teacher who I assist do a number of special Christmas projects, including helping each child wrap a cd with the Nativity slide show in it.

Sunday evening was the Christmas concert.

Below you see Light standing next to one of her favorite friends. Most of her really good friends are boys and these two are two peas in a pod. His older sister is a good friend of Light.

Now I am working through close to four-hundred photos I took at the girls dance recital yesterday.


  1. Ugh, looking through piles of photos gets brain numbing, makes it hard to see what needs to be seen. Great shots though.

  2. 400? Wow. Is that typical for a shoot?