Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You Note

I got to know this little girl's aunt by working on the nativity photos series I am doing for the preschool Sunday School. She asked if I would take photos of her niece. I got together with her yesterday and made a little gallery where she could look at them. I was blessed by her thank you note because she put her thanksgiving where it belonged and I am just grateful I had the opportunity to do the photo shoot.

Dear Me,
They are beautiful and exceed my expectations!!! And I've always wanted a "birch tree" shot since we moved in and I love the little rose bouquet and chair off to the side - you are amazing!! But the ones of MyNiece are exquisite - that's the word I was looking for especially since my sister has so many problems just living that MyNiece 's adorableness is lost in the shuffle and you captured it. I will be forever indebted to you!!! So I will thank the Lord again and again for first making my heart a servant heart to help with Sunday School and then to put us together and then to give the idea etc. I could easily tell you many of the numbers I like but then it would be most of them. I have a meeting to go to but I really want to stay at the computer all day and look at MyNiece pictures. Give Light a hug for me too since she was such a good sport and didn't get too much attention. Take care and thank you, J


  1. What a lovely thank you note...

    I can't believe what a wonderful photographer you are. I only wish I had a bit of your talent!

    My very favorite of the lot has to be the first one. It looks like a classic photograph by one of my very favorite "old-time" seemed to truly capture this lovely little girl's spirit!


  2. that was such a thoughtful note....and your photos are just beautiful...

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    They are beautiful, beautiful photos.

  4. Stunning photo's of a truely delicious little girl, and it sounds like she needs a few of our prayers too.

  5. They are wonderful! What a thoughtful note she sent...

  6. Wonderful work - I love the first three. The style you have achieved in these shots reminded me of a talk a went to in November by a professional childrens photographer Fiona Alison.

    I tried to look her up online to show you her work but couldn't find her website, but found a few images only:

  7. Gorgeous photos! And stunning thank you.