Thursday, September 25, 2008

school picture day

I called a friend of mine this morning, one who home schools her kids asked how she felt about school picture day. She was game so that is what I did today.

I got to her house around ten. I shot outside for about half an hour and then it started to rain. It rained for a couple of hours and then I was able to shoot some more outside. However, I wasn't idle inside - we played with macros and fun stuff.

These are some photos where her children (and herself) aren't very recognizable so I feel safe posting them.


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    I wish you were taking our kid's school photos instead of the usual sit on a bench in front of blue screen ones that I will be paying for at school.


  2. What a blessed friend you have! :o)

  3. Wow, fortunate friend! Those are awesome pictures Me. The eye is intriguing. Love the rain feet and the peacock feather is magical.
    You are awesome. This is so thoughtful and sweet of you.

  4. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the peacock feather photos!

  5. I hesitate to use the word "art" to describe your is too overused and what does it mean? These photos, what you see through the lens of your camera tells a maybe it is poetry. As well as the visual beauty, there is a story, and powerful emotion. You really could be published...or be shown in a gallery. Your mind's/heart's eye and what it sees through the lens is a very God given gift. I guess that is art in a sense....thanks for sharing with others. :)

  6. Breath-takingly beautiful!