Friday, September 26, 2008

I say goodbye, while you say hello

Okay, so I mangled the lyrics. This is from yesterday. We had a hot chocolate break while it was raining. I love his dirty fingernails and the odd grip.

I am about half-way through the photos I took - I did all the 'fun' ones and now it is time to work up the more generic shots.


  1. That is an original grip. Have fun with all your photos.

  2. I love this picture. I always wanted a son. I have two younger brothers whom I adore. Images like this really make me happy. He's been playing, now he's being warmed and nourished. He probably smells like outdoors. That grip makes me wonder what he'll do in his life with those hands, beautiful hand.

    Hello, hello! I don't know why you say goodbye, when I say hello. Oh No! I don't know why you say goodbye when I say hello.

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    It reminds me of squidge, dirty fingernails and all! She's left handed and grips scissors especially in a very strange manner.

  4. love the pictures, and you can tell he is all the way he stirs his hot chocolate...

  5. What a beautiful photo! I love how he seems so intent on his hot if there wasn't anything else more important at that moment in the entire world!

    Definitely a keeper. ☺