Tuesday, September 30, 2008

natural beauty with a touch of fey

My father comes from a family with seven children. His youngest sister (above) is about ten years older than I. Her oldest child was just a week or two old when I got married and her youngest is probably 18 months older that Grace.

I find her children to be among the most beautiful and photogenic children I know. I think I will tell her I will be deeply disappointed if I cannot do the senior photos for her oldest.


  1. They are beautiful and photogenic, I agree.
    (This could be a high fashion model shoot)
    That second shot is magic.
    You are truly wonderful!

  2. Your photographs capture the elusive glimmer of magic in all of your subjects...something beautiful and rare indeed.


  3. My goodness, they are lovely. I'm reminded of photos in major magazines (I'm thinking Victoria) where the models seem so stilted and self-conscious. Your cousins (isn't that right?) seem so relaxed---all of the photos---and that's truly amazing.

    Kudos to them for their gift for being snapped, and to you for having the gift of capturing it. :)

  4. I just love to study your photo's of people...they are so very interesting, the way you capture unsuspecting moments

  5. I found myself saying "OoooO."

    Very nice.

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    They are very photogenic indeed.

  7. I am always amazed at how much you can get from one shot. You manage to capture those fleeting moments.

  8. A nice group of pictures with good expressions, so many it is fun to look though them all. Your work as always is excellent. You see well.

  9. the light in each one of these portraits is beautiful.

    absolutely stunning.