Sunday, August 31, 2008

the name of this blog

When I started this blog (almost two years ago), I needed a name. For some reason, an old poem of mine came to mind. It has been on my mind for some time to share it. I looked it up this evening the last revision came in February 02. Poets seldom stop fiddling. I changed two words this evening. :)

Another Northern Night

My husband warns
of a frost advisory.
Dislodged from my chair,
I slide on red rubber clogs,
collect stained sheets,
and old bath towels.
Fit a careful patchwork
protection in shades
of blue, over sunflowers,
cosmos, and zinnias.

The moon,
hangs precariously
on the tip of slender bough,
a Christmas ornament
ready to slip, shatter.

Don’t fall,
shiny moon slivers
do me no good,
icy fragments
would pierce young leaves,
nip thread roots.

Numb fingers, tuck in edges
revealed by faint glow.
Finished, I fold hands
into sleeves, return to house,
pray that the cold doesn’t slip
under covers.

Perhaps the connection between the poem and my title for this blog is only in my head, but there you go. ;)

BTW the photo above is very similar to the one used in the post vulnerability. However, that one did not quite satisfy me so I tried again - different bud - so couldn't quite do what I wanted but closer. Photographers sometimes find themselves trying again too. ;)


  1. love the poem...and it does go well with the new name...
    take care of your hands...the older you get the more tender they become at best.....

  2. Wonderful--reminds me of a William Carlos Williams poem I love.:)

  3. I see a connection - the ordinary expressed in poetry ... everyday life intertwined with creativity.

    I really like your girl's new names ~ how sweet that they reflect the meaning of their real names.

    Hoping you quickly fall into a comfortable rhythm with the busyness of fall. And take care of your hands!

  4. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Sigh, I wish I could write poetry...but we aren't all gifted to do the same things. Lol, I wonder what my gift is...I wish I knew... ;)

    Like Jodi I do see a connection between the poem and your blog...your life under those northern skies.

    The photo is beautiful. Although, it reminds me of a triffid from the film The Triffids!! Not sure why, I think it might be the angle of the photo as if it's leaning towards me..."Feed Me Seymour..." Ok, so I'm seeing too many films in this flower picture. I need a lie down ;)

    Your blog is so beautiful.

    Hugs and love