Sunday, August 31, 2008

the freight train cometh...

It has been a wonderfully relaxing week, which is good. The previous week had found my hands in very bad shape by Wednesday. So I forced myself to do very little labor with my hands on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, we went to the RenFest and so I did very little with my hands on that day, Sunday is a day of rest, Monday ended up being a prolonged visit to the vet so I did little that day, I don't remember what I did on Tuesday but I know it didn't involve my hands, on Wednesday I taught a seminar, and on Thursday we ran errands and got haircuts (did I mention that hubby was home all week?), on Friday Grace's class had a get-to-know-you-before-school picnic organized by one of the Mom's. So my hands have had more than a week of rest and as of yesterday morning were pain free. I mowed the lawn and pulled out dead veggies yesterday so now they are a bit stiff. BUT today is a day of rest again! :) It is supposed to be blisteringly hot on Labor Day (Monday) so I am not sure what we will do.

BUT...the freight train cometh. On Tuesday morning, hubby goes back to work and school starts and I will have to adjust to a new routine. I am afraid that after such a lazy week I am going to feel as if I got plowed into by a freight train. ;)

I don't know what it is but every so often when I upload photos here the focus softens up and when you have a limited focus shot like these shots are you end up feeling blurry. These do have sharp points of focus within them. :(


  1. I noticed and loved the sharp points of focus on them.:) Beautiful.

    I know what you mean--I feel like a freight train just came through and is still coming. This week is still busy. Looking forward to the rest that is to come.

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    sounds like things will be winding down....yes? My favorite photos are the ones that are blurred in certain areas.....looks awesome.

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful. They are perfect and uniquely yours. I really love how these have a bit of an energy field around them, like there is nothing else in the world to focus on. Like that bee is magnetized to the center of that flower, is he?
    The first picture's my favorite.
    I really want to get a nice camera, I've never had one and I'm ready. I'm putting it out there and hope within the year I'll have found what I want, and can afford it. Amen.

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    My girls go back to school tomorrow too. Squidge is only part time for two weeks and then starts fulltime.

    I'll miss them so much, but it will certainly be more peaceful! I hope to do a little decorating when they return...but you know the best laid plans n' all that!

    Hope your hands stay OK.


  5. I'm really fearful of the new routine too. I don't know that there is much I can do to make things go more smoothly, except maybe ask my husband to take off work for a couple hours the first day of preschool. . .

  6. The soft focus look is really pretty, though. It kind of has an ethereal quality about it.