Wednesday, July 02, 2008

rocks and weeds and flowers

some weed growing in a bed the flowers are smaller than a dime

If you wonder why I don't write lately, it is in part because I have a rock in my mind. It is heavy and it won't budge. It is creative writer's block. I can write articles well enough. But I can't articulate emotion right now. So I leave you with lots of pretty flowers.

It is summer so I spend 2-3 hours everyday out in the yard trying to beautify the landscape and grow food without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Sometimes the vicious bugs bring out the vicious in me - like the worm that was sawing right through the massively thick stems of my squash leaves. After some research - I've concluded it is a black cutworm which usually attacks corn. I'm glad I don't grow corn.

tomato blossom - just like a ballerina skirt!


  1. great pictures as always. I can't believe the detail you see in the black and whites of flowers!!

  2. I Love the last one with the purple flowers the prospective is really cool!!! (as always:)

  3. The rock will shift. Meantime the pictures are indeed fantastic.

  4. Pretty flowers! Poppies are one of my all time favorites. I am preparing a post dedicated to them. Glad you are getting out to enjoy your garden.... Summer passes all too quickly.

  5. you don't have to write words...your pictures speak volumes!!!
    thank you