Monday, July 07, 2008

meme and the big picture

Miss Flower tagged me for a six random things meme.

Here are my six random things:

1. Hubby and I just celebrated 16th anniversary several weeks ago.

2. If we had a boy I wanted to name him Morgan Harris but hubby said nothing doing so we settled on Keiran. (Bonus to those who know where Morgan Harris comes from.) Hubby has no problem with the name but since our last name has an H he didn't want any other H's in the name.

3. Stinkerbell has two middle names. My middle name and my Mom's middle name.

4. I can eat a whole can of sweetened condensed milk in one sitting.

5. I am a closet Harry Potter fan - the movies - not the books.

6. I am getting crunchier every day.

Here is the big picture - to give you perspective on my yard.

Most of the back fence from left to right..

Poppies, cauliflower, and broccoli - we skip the lilac and irises to the next photo

Sunflower, coneflower, cherry tomato, and more poppies

poppies and cabbage

poppies and pole

zucchini, pole beans and cucumber

pots of seedlings

a mess of volunteers
volunteers and perennials

front yard by chimney - lilies, fern, and bleeding heart - something loves eating the lilies

by the postbox - yarrow, poppies, earlier the soapwort and dianthus bloomed here - soon purple coneflowers will join the fun.

cornflowers on the front step and anise hyssop - along with some just cleaned plastic stuff. ;0

the south side of the garage - this is pure sand - during the early spring it is where the irises bloom - now it has a mix of yarrow, poppies, anise hyssop, flax and some cosmos that are floundering this year


  1. Your yard is beautiful! I can't wait for flowers for us. We are still in the planting-grass stage. (Our home was built last year.)

    For all three boys, Keiran was nearly the name. Maybe next time...

  2. Wow, your yard looks great--ours, well I only weed and garden in the spring and fall the rest of the time it fends for itself.

  3. Your yard is LOVELY. You must be exhausted!

    Next year I shall have a better handle on what needs to be thinned out. I believe I have five large Desert Candle plants. They are pretty now, but for the rest of the year I cannot stand them.

  4. I had to stop by and get a photo fix from your photography!

  5. Thanks for playing along. We boil sweat cond. Milk and make carmal.Yummy!!! Your gardens and back yard look wonderful.

  6. Your yard is really lovely!

  7. You yard is beautiful! I love the way you have your veggies and flowers mixed in some beds - so natural.