Tuesday, June 24, 2008

things, things, things

zucchini blossom - kind of cool how it looks like a flame

First, health. We are plugging away here. I've been faithfully taking my medication and while my sinus drainage is clear and I can breathe and hear again, I still seem to run short of breath. I am supposed to have a follow up this week.

The girls are still battling their colds and poor hubby is going to work sick. I am afraid it will be the Fourth before we all feel that life is returning to normal.

This week, I am acting as photographer for VBS. Our church holds it in the evenings from 6:15-8:30. I am fairly happy with the photos I took last night.

these fabulous little blue blossoms are cornflower

Speaking of photography. Some of you have mentioned that you would enjoy the seminar I taught a few weeks ago. Here is your chance to learn the sort of photography skills I attempted to teach at the seminar. I've just signed with Today.com to write a blog titled "make your photos speak." The first posts will go through the seminar series and hopefully the blog will flow on from their. This is a money making blog and I am working for Today.com but I think it will work well for me.

This past weekend was rough - these are photos of two tired girls who just don't quite feel like themselves.


  1. LOVE the cornflower photos! Beautiful. I seem to be fighting something as well though it only seems to be making me sleep 14 hours a day.

  2. I love your pictures.

    I'm afraid my camera wouldn't suffice for your blog seminar. What do you suggest for someone who has no idea what they're doing, really? I have a Kodak EasyShare CX7530 and I'm looking to upgrade.


    Glad you're starting to feel better. Hope you can celebrate the 4th fully.

  3. Love the pics!!!
    hope your girls feel better soon.