Saturday, June 21, 2008

sick of flowers yet?

I love simple little blue flax blossoms that last only one day - dancing on every breeze atop of fine ferny stems.

Happy little columbine seedlings transplanted (on Tuesday) into the soil surrounded by a coffee grounds mulch - thanks Laurie and Chris.

Variegated iris. Ten years ago when we moved into this home I planted a little perennial bed of the original plants variegated iris and echineae survived. For years I simply added things to fill in the holes. Last year when I increased the size of my beds I divided the iris and echineae and filled up huge swaths of bed. The blossom is simple - you are supposed to appreciate the stripy foliage. :)


  1. Never sick of them--beautiful.

  2. I am so glad your columbine are coming up. I love your flower pictures!! Who can get sick of flower pictures?? I hope you are all starting to feel better.