Thursday, May 01, 2008


This is DQ's second tooth out. However, you couldn't really tell the first one was missing because the adult tooth was behind it and it moved forward very quickly when the baby tooth fell out. It looks like we will have to have one of her other teeth pulled as the baby tooth won't come out and the new one is already in (you can see it in the photo). We've been waiting since last October for the old tooth to fall out and it hasn't. We will hold out until her appointment in June.


  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Chatterbox has two top middle new teeth and one coming through at the bottom. The new teeth look so huge compared to her tiny baby teeth.

  2. From my perspective they seem to be growing up really really fast. However, I remember when our four were younger, it didn't seem so fast.

  3. Issac just lost his first ever. It was a bloody mess because Esther told him to pull it when it wasn't quite ready. For a little boy who panics when he gets a little scratch he was delightfully calm at the mouthful of blood.

  4. Ah, sweet smile! I hope her other one falls out on it's own. We've had a few slow ones like that, but eventually they've come out without any help (other than perhaps the vigorous wiggling efforts of the child ~ lol). :o)

    I was reading several back posts the other day, but I was called away before I ever got to actually post a comment. I was so happy to see that you got high speed internet. We had dial up until we moved, and I know how frustrating it can be. So congratulations on your new speedy ways! ;o)