Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a tulip tale from 2006

Someone pulled up mommy's tulips...

I am struggling with anger right now. So please bear with me. I will return to more consistent upbeat blogging efforts soon (I hope).


  1. Ask your dad who pulled up the neighbors flowers when we lived in Minnesota.

  2. Right over on the other side of the Atlantic struggling with anger too...for me it's hormones this week :(

    Yesterday I was musing to myself about how Jesus would parent, that he would be patient, kind, loving etc. That's how I want to parent...and I even considered doing a blog post about it. I then noticed the girls digging in a corner of the garden I had expressly told them not to dig in. Chatterbox wasn't even wearing wellies but was wearing her new shoes. I exploded inside myself went outside and shouted so loud "GET OUT OF THE MUD" I think the village went silent. Guilt and shame set in and I slunk inside with two very muddy girls.

    So I'm going to postpone my 'perfect' parenting blog post because who am I to advise?

    Beautiful pictures though.

  3. don't be too mad mommy...I think they said they were sorry!!! didn't they?