Monday, May 19, 2008

random bits and blurbs

The girls have their picture taken with Billy Bear - a project from DQ's class.

I've been doing a lot of photos for DQ's teacher. She wanted photos of all the kids in the class under an umbrella. Stinkerbell got in on the action.

These are officially the first full-fledged blossoms in my yard since the mole ate all my tulips.

The Ostrich Fern unfurls.

Regarding my post about the creative opportunities at church. The meeting was actually very inconclusive. However, I was asked to photograph the baptisms on Sunday. They are a bit darker and grainier than I would like but they turned out okay. They photos will be used to share with the first service people (baptisms are always performed at second service). The Pastor who performed the baptisms wants to use them on the front of cards for those who were baptized. And the mother of a wheel-chair-bound boy who was baptized asked for a print at the church office.


  1. I love the pictures you take of your girls you do such a great job.

  2. Beautiful. Churches as buildings and businesses have a hard time figuring out how to incorporate the artistic community into themselves--church as the body of Christ has much less trouble figuring it out.

  3. beautiful pictures...
    and the photographs of the baptisms is a good beginning for exposing your incredible talent to the church...just keep doing it and pray that God will use your talent...and it will happen...

  4. There is a guy at my church who takes pictures of everything! It makes for very interesting documentation, if nothing else. I hope you will have fun with it.