Thursday, May 08, 2008

gardeny things

ostrich fern - it comes up every year and the wind breaks its leaves to pieces before June...
bleeding heart - second year

violets - the quintessential self-sower

at least in terms of acceptable flowers - because of course the dandelion is without a doubt the best and most prolific self-sower.

dq told me today that the dandelion was named because someone looked at it and thought it was dandy and their friend thought it looked like a lion's mane and so it was a dandylion.

early this spring the chickadees had claimed the bluebird nesting box, however, a couple of weeks ago, I witnessed a three way battle for the box between two pairs of bluebirds and the chickadees - I think this is the male from the winning pair.


  1. I love the dandelion photo. You made something we often see as ugly into something beautiful.

  2. Great bluebird shot!

    I have heard that about dandilions!

    Also, I rip violets out of my garden like they are weeds after they bloom in the spring. This is not because i don't like them, but for the reason you noted! They will be back next year!

  3. I love, love, love the pictures of the birds...

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Gorgeous birdy. Oh my our English birds are so dowdy compared to all the brightly coloured birds you get around the States.

  5. Our cardinals chased away our bluebirds. Now the mockingbirds are going to chase away the cardinals. Meanwhile the woodpecker just keeps tapping away. :o) Lovely shots!