Monday, March 10, 2008


I suppose I should feel bad that DQ was too sick to go to school today. But I don't. She was too sick to go to school but not too sick for a quiet day at home. It was so nice! We didn't go anywhere. I got to catch up on some cleaning and the girls relaxed. It was/is bliss! ;)

Below are some handprint Easter crafts that we've made. I love the lilies.


  1. Adorable. Issac wrote your oldest a card today--he saw her picture on the blog and wanted to write to her. (It is mostly stamps and stickers but very sweet.) Will have to remember to send it.

  2. Sweet projects! And I'm glad you got a gentle day at home with the girls. That is bliss indeed.

  3. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Sounds like DQ has an admirer, dare I say a boyfriend. How Sweet!
    Love NLM

  4. you had a productive day for Drama Queen to have been sick I love the cards and I love the lilies...
    the girls do a wonderful job with their crafts...