Friday, January 11, 2008


The little girl who sat ahead of us at the Shamu show.

I apologize for disappearing after returning. Stinkerbell has pneumonia. She is greatly improved but for a couple of days, I did a lot of holding. I am now exhausted and achy. I am now resting myself.

I have a bunch of photos from my MIL's yard which I want to share with you all and I have some thoughts (thoughts I always have when comparing my in-law's lifestyle and attitudes with our own) that have clarified and I want to write about. I guess these things will come about in their own time.

Just before Christmas something happened. I started writing poetry again (the date represents the date of the revision).

Transient Global Amnesia
Sunday, January 06, 2008

The sun turned houses,
cars, and traffic signs yellow.
Jane turned south.

She was still in the right state,
every sign had the two initials
needed for proof.

The incline of the horizon
distorted the shadows
flying along the golden grass.

She felt forgotten.

Jane turned north, the level wobbled,
marbles shifted into the depressions
on the northern point of a Chinese star.

Shadows slip past smoothly, then halt
on the far side of small blue globes-
everything points to the horizon.

Jane turns east.


  1. Pneumonia. -sigh- I'm so sorry this hit at your house.

    You must be very tired.

    Wondering how it is going with you, especially with how you were feeling, a while ago...?

    Glad you have resumed writing poetry. I'm sure it is a very goooood thing, for you.


  2. Poor Stinkerbell. Glad she has you to hold her.

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM

    So sorry to read the Stinkerbell has pneumonia, the poor little girl. Poor Mummy too. Glad to read she is improving. I hope and pray you'll get some blessed rest.

    {{{{{Hugs}}}} and love you'll all be in my prayers as ever. xxxxx

  4. Anonymous2:36 AM

    ...oh yes loved to read your poem. I've tried poetry I'm not sure I can write it...Hugs again.

  5. I'm glad that stinkerbell is better...pneumonia is rough on an adult, and total misery for a child to have to go through...but her mommy held her and that made it all better!!
    I love your poetry...I hope you keep it up!!

  6. I'm really glad Stinkerbell is on the mend. Pneumonia is not fun!

  7. I'm really sorry to hear about the pneumonia.

  8. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Hope all is well...hugs