Thursday, December 13, 2007


I went through some old photos working on an awesome gift for someone (will be shown later) and pulled a few old ones of C.

Christmas card when C was 1.

My youngest sister and C when C was just a week old.

One of my favorite pics of C and me. This is taken with color black and white which is why it is sepia tone (C40 is what it was called if I remember correctly). I have some others I adore where I am dressed formally and she is buck-naked that I love too but I doubt I will post them here.

I should have brightened the scan of this one - oh well. This is C in the fern room.

I don't know if any of you recall the photos of K in this outfit that I posted a month or so ago. This is the pic I mentioned of C. I used this for our Christmas card that year. It was taken at Como Conservatory before they remodeled - by the time we got there with K in this dress, the spot where this shot was taken was gone.

C would be about eighteen months here. This is taken with my first digital camera a ViviCam which had the resolution of 640X480. Before this all pics were taken with my film camera - it wasn't until C was two that I got my current cam a digital rebel.

There is something freeing about a basic point and shoot and so I try to use one occasionally just to loosen myself up.

This picture haunted me for a long time. I posted on a photo forum and this photo became my sig. It is funny because she looks so soulful here but actually - she is sitting in a grocery cart about ready to throw a temper-tantrum because I will not let her get in a truck cart - I wanted to use a regular cart because they hold more.

Fall 2005.

Valentine's pictures of C when she is about 18 months. Her eyes really were that blue and that big. I used to have people follow me through stores when she was little to comment on her eyes. They are still big and as many of you have commented she has stupendous eyelashes - however the blue has deepened to a dark blue or even gray.

K's eyes are still that color and I think will remain that color as they look more like my brother D's eyes and he has brilliant beautiful eyes.


  1. She is a true beauty, that 'dramaqueen' of yours.

  2. What beautiful pictures! If you would not have ever told us the story behind the grocery cart picture, I'm sure no one would have ever guessed. I think that is the difference between photos and real life;)

  3. Such a sweet little pie-face :)

  4. Whenever I see that you have a new post in my bloglines, I can hardly wait to see what photos you've posted. Those are spectacular and you and your little drama queen are really beautiful.

  5. Melissa,
    I could spend all day looking at your photos... you are so good and you catch so much of the personality in your people... and so much of God's elegance in your still shots...
    you are a great photographer....
    Blessing and Merry Christmas,