Thursday, November 08, 2007

recent words - older photos (but not old)

These are photos from 2005. I found them while looking for a craft photo. Of course, I had too look through all of December, November, and October to find it.

The first year we went to the pumpkin patch. I inadvertently deleted the photo of K with a huge pumpkin that I was going to post here. I am not going back through the disks to find it.

We don't do Halloween but that year we went to the Anoka parade and so we brought some foam masks for the girls to wear. I love this photo of K and her Daddy.

One of my favorite photos of C with Grandpa Glen.

Sisters - both sides of a coin.

C on Thanksgiving morning, she is anxiously waiting for my Sister A and her hubby.

My Sister A and her Hubby.

One of my favorite photo series. After Thanksgiving dinner my Sister A, her Hubby, and C put together a Thomas the Tank puzzle.

This was the day after Thanksgiving. We had a snowstorm that day but we braved it anyhow and drove all the way to the southern part of the cities to go to the Minnesota Zoo. We had a wonderful day. This is before we left. K was very cranky.

A friend of mine made this dress for C. I have a photo of C in it that is one of my best all-time photos. It was a Christmas card the year I took it. The dress is actually a deep maroon but the light is mostly backlight in this photo so you can't tell.

Look at those sweet cheeks!

I think I used this in Christmas cards that year.

I must have been inspired after the Como shoot because the next day I took a whole series of these. Above the cupboards in my kitchen (and now in other places in the house) I have a collection of mirrors. One of the mirrors is a beautiful arced mirror in a wooden frame. The silver on it is completely bad. I remember when I bought it at the thrift store, the man standing next to me said you won't be able to see yourself in that and I said that's the point! The photos are taken in that mirror.

I had a wonderful time taking photos of snowflakes in 2005. We didn't have the right kind of snow last year so I haven't been able to take any since. Here is hoping this year gives me the right snow!!

Souper fattening, souper yummy chowder, souper easy: Salmon Chowder: Slow Cooker Soup

YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS BOOK OUT OF THE LIBRARY if you can it is by Ruth Bell Graham and the illustrations (not by her) are absolutely stunning (I have a link to the illustrators web page in the article and you can see some of his work there): One Wintry Night: Picture Book

Two more hymns: Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Handel's Hallelujah Chorus

This is the photo I was looking for - these are vases swathed in layers and layers of tissue paper, decoupage medium, paint, and varnish.

I am working on a napkin holder to match it for my MIL (but different photos of the girl)...I wonder if I make too much work for myself?


  1. Your girls have grown up A LOT in the last year.

  2. Fabulous photos!! I love to see the pictures you've taken.

  3. I love the way your photo series evoke family and continuity.
    Keep 'em coming!

  4. So very beautiful.

    If I were rich I would cover my walls with your photography.

    Annie Lebowitz should be shaking in her boots.

    You are FABULOUS.

  5. Gorgeous vases! Your little ladies are so incredibly blessed. They will have such a wonderful collection of photos from their childhood! Stunning photos!

  6. The pictures are all lovely, but the snowflakes blew me away. I have only seen snow a handful of times, and I didn't know that it was true that snowflakes could look like that. I thought it was just a romantic image. It kind of pleases me to find out it's true! I hope you get the right sort of snow this year too!