Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm going to bore you with more older photos

If you pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan's Purse) now is the time to do it or you will have to rush!

Today. I love C's emerging sense of style. C has always cared about her clothes but now she is developing style. K - I am not sure if she will ever care too much. The outfit is completely C's own - I just dressed K to correspond because I thought C was too cute. (C's jeans have pretty floral embroidery on them that look great with the colors she iw wearing.

I was looking for a certain photo (the on of K and her Grampy) and ended up pulling out a few more favorites. These are from May and June 2005. K is just one in these photos.

I like these photos of K...she looks so different with short hair and bangs.

I love these photos. The light under the train bridge is always gorgeous - I am not sure how it works but the light off the water and the shade of the bridge make it perfect - I always love the light in photos I take under the bridge and am disappointed if it is a bad photo for other reasons. I think the only thing I would change in these is the timing on the photo of C tossing her stone - it just gets into the shadow and is hard to see. A bit earlier and her stone would have been silhouetted against the light.

Hubby and C skipping stones - I love the father-daughter thing in these shots.

Spring Blossoms (K).

I think I would love this photo even if I didn't know it was K. I just love the love and connection in this photo of K and her paternal grandfather.

The Miss Spider sprinkler. C loved Miss Spider that year. Now K loves her.

Sunny afternoon in the shade and a ride in the swing.

That summer we had baby robins in our blue spruce (the one that was downed in a storm that fall) about four and half feet up on a branch near the drive. The first few times we pulled down the branch to look at them they would shoot their bobbly little heads up with mouths gaping ready for us to shove a worm down their throat. When we didn't comply they apparently learned to tell the difference between the branch being pulled down and the weight of their mama landing.

This is a reflection in a puddle. No I am not a huge basketball fan although I played reasonably well in high school. I would call this one 'hoop dreams.'

I've always liked this photo of C.

K and my Mom.


  1. All beautiful. Everyone of them. I know about that emerging style--my girls had their own style from the time they could say NO. :)

  2. sorry Melissa... if you thought you were boring me you were so wrong... I really enjoy looking at your pictures whether they are new or old...

    you photography intrigues me because you manage to capture such unusual shots...

    keep up the good work! :0)

    and by the way I thought your girls were really stylin!! (I think thats a slang word)

  3. Nope. Not bored at all.

    Love the muddy feet picture!

  4. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Gorgeous photos, your girls are so so cute and mischevious looking. Just lovely.

    I love that spider sprinkler too!

  5. I agree with Judy. Nope not Bored at all